Moses E. Cordova
Rachel L. Cordova
Mark A. Cordova

In 1979, as Moses and Rachel Cordova were starting their own company in Los Angeles, CA, their son Mark, on his own merit and financial backing, moved to Denver to begin his own business in the fastener industry. For over 40 years, Mark made Centennial Bolt a premier fastener company to work with in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

After working as a consultant for many years at Cordova Bolt, in 2008, Mark was asked by both his parents to be the President of Cordova Bolt, Inc. for his experience, leadership, industry knowledge and moral principles.
Mark currently serves on the board of National Fastener Distributor Association (NFDA), is on the Executive Board of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), and is Chairman-Elect of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association (CAMA).


Our Philosophy is to supply quality products and to offer clear, concise guidance with professional service and personal courtesy.


Our Vision is to exceed client expectations and to build customer loyalty by providing innovative solutions through an open, collaborative approach to manufacturing and distribution.


Our Promise is to minimize our customer's acquisition and overhead costs while increasing their profits in all facets of distribution and manufacturing