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Lindapter - Centennial Bolt, Inc.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Lindapter® offers steel clamping systems as an alternative to drilling or welding for faster and cost-effective steel connections. Their products, including girder clamps, rail connections, lifting points, Hollo-Bolt®, steel floor connections, and pipe/conduit supports, can be installed with standard hand tools and have benefits such as on-site adjustability and no damage to steel sections. Centennial provides a complete lineup of Lindapter® solutions for the construction, infrastructure, energy, rail, and telecom industries. Their specialists are available to answer questions and discuss applications.

Lindapter products include:

Girder Clamps High strength connections for steel beams, channels or angles. Type AF & AAF clamps are ICC-ES & LARR approved for structural connections in all Seismic Design Categories (A to F).

Rail Connections Low speed rail is safely secured with easy- to-install products such as the Type HD that offers convenient lateral adjustability during installation.

Lifting Points These assemblies support the lifting or rigging of general equipment. They can be used for single-lift situations or permanent applications, such as theater lighting and rigging units.

Hollo-Bolt® Expansion bolts for quickly connecting steel sections to Hollow Structural Section (HSS) from one side. HDG Hollo-Bolts are ICC-ES & LARR approved for all Seismic Design categories (A to F).

Steel Floor Connections A range of innovative products for connecting steel flooring to the supporting steel without the need for on-site drilling or welding. Installation can be carried out quickly and safely from above.

Pipe/Conduit Supports Easy-to-install solutions for suspending gas, water, electric, and air services from structural or secondary beams. The adjustability of these products allows pipework and other equipment to be quickly and easily positioned.

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